Why use LoadApe?

As a hotshot driver (formally known as a cargo expeditor – pretty much only by insurance companies) your competition for loads is mostly other solo operators with similar equipment. Preference aside, there is not a huge difference in capability between different heavy duty trucks and most are using a 40 foot gooseneck utility trailer. You are limited more by government regulations than the capabilities of your equipment.

How do you compete?

During the latter half of the 20th century, businesses were revolutionized at various points by computers. The exact timeframe was different for different types of businesses, but it is surprising to see even the smallest independent connivence store without computerized inventory.

You used to be able to pump gasoline and pay inside, but now you either pay first or more likely pay at the pump. There are obvious advantages to paying at the pump in that you save on labor and sell fuel 24/7. What I’m getting at is that over the last 20 years all connivence stores eventually had to adapt to the competition.

You can be sure there was a huge advantage to the first stores that allowed payment at the pump, so much so that everyone was forced to invest in this capability.

In the transportation industry you obviously have huge carriers (which you have probably explored the possibility of working for) that can develop their own custom software systems to track loads. But most carriers have less than 6 drivers and either use basically nothing or spreadsheets.

LoadApe will do everything a spreadsheet will do and more. You can distribute loads to drivers and update the status of a load using a mobile website. 

Profits are great and all but cashflow is the lifeblood of any company. LoadApe will allow you to track your cashflow, so you can see how each load affects your cashflow position, as well as fuel and maintenance.

Eventually there will be more advanced features available, but for now LoadApe is completely free while we build it out. Take advantage of being one of the first movers and outmatch your competition.

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